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Geologic Time Scale

Keep your geochronological dates straight with Wolfram|Alpha's detailed information on Earth's geologic time scale. Drill down from the eons through the epochs and analyze data on the climate changes, impacts, extinctions and continental shifts that formed the unique geology of each time division.


Travel back through time with data spanning eons.

Get information about a geological eon, era, period or epoch:

Ice Ages

Explore the various ice ages, glaciations and interglacial periods that have occurred throughout geologic time.

Query for ice ages or the individual glacial episodes within them:

Compare the geological time periods of the various ice ages:


Visualize the position of Earth's continental plates over time.

Generate maps of ancient continent configurations:

Properties of Geologic Time Units

Query for properties of geochronology.

Compute the duration of a geological time division:

Find relationships between geological time divisions:

Compare information across geological time divisions:

Get data on biodiversity:

Notable Ancient Events

Discover a variety of notable events that occurred during various geologic time units.

Identify events occurring during a specified division:

Geochronology Lookup

Determine the geological time unit, and related information, that corresponds to an ancient date in the past.

Find the geological epoch corresponding to a given time: