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The field of geology focuses on the dynamic structure of the Earth and the rocks and minerals that compose it. Use Wolfram|Alpha to learn about the different geological layers from the inner core to the crust. Find out about geologic events and features, such as earthquakes, volcanoes and impact craters. Get properties of thousands of minerals. Investigate geochronology.

Geological Structure of Earth

Examine the density, pressure, bulk and rigidity moduli of the different geological layers.

Get information about a geological layer of earth:

Compare several layers:

Identify the layer associated to a depth:

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Examine properties of volcanoes, including their heights, locations and details on their eruptions.

Get information about a volcano:

Get information about volcanic eruptions:

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Geologic Time Scale

Discover time frames and other information about geochronology.

Get information about a geological eon, era, period or epoch:

Find the geological epoch corresponding to a given time:

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Search for earthquakes, both recent and past, by time and location. Get information on their properties, such as magnitude and date.

Get earthquake data for a specified location:

Get earthquake data for a specified time:

Do earthquake magnitude computations:

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Investigate the properties of minerals, such as hardness, density and transparency, among many others.

Get information about a mineral:

Compare several minerals:

Do computations with mineral properties:

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  • Continents
  • Mountains
  • Planet Surface Features

  • Wolfram Language: EarthquakeData
  • Impact Craters on Earth

    Get information on the locations, maps and sizes of impact craters on Earth.

    Get information about an impact crater on Earth:

    Do computations involving crater properties:

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