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Access Wolfram|Alpha's worldwide and up-to-date database of historical earthquakes to learn their dates and magnitudes or map their epicenters. Search for earthquakes, both recent and past, by time and location. Compute properties of earthquakes, such as energy, ground motion and fault slip, based on their magnitudes. Get information on different magnitude and intensity scales.

Earthquake Data

Get properties of historical earthquakes around the world.

Get data about recent earthquakes:

Get earthquake data for a specified time:

Get earthquake data for a specified location:

Specify location and time:

Get earthquake data near a specified landmark:

Earthquake Intensity

Find information on earthquake intensity scales.

Get information on earthquake intensity scales:

Earthquake Visualizations

Explore different earthquake moment tensors in three dimensions.

Visualize earthquake moment tensors:

Earthquake Magnitudes

Get information on earthquake magnitudes, their relationships and their energy equivalences.

Do earthquake magnitude computations:

Find definitions of magnitudes:

Earthquake Characteristics

Calculate properties of earthquakes of different magnitudes.

Compute ground motion due to earthquakes:

Compute typical characteristics of earthquakes: