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Web & Computer Systems

Explore the world of web and computer systems with Wolfram|Alpha. Whether it's data transfer rates, IP address lookup, information about historical computers, base conversion, password generation, computing a hash code, string processing or even emoticon data, Wolfram|Alpha has something for everyone.


Find information about a URL, IP address or port.

Get information about an IP address:

Get information about a URL:

Find a port assignment:

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Data Transfer

Find various device transfer devices or compute data transfer time.

Explore data transfer devices by name:

Compute a data transfer time:

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Programming Languages

Discover and compare detailed information about programming languages.

Get information about a programming language:

Request a programming language property:

Find programming languages with specified properties:

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Character Encodings

Gain an understanding of character encodings.

Look up a Unicode character:

Specify a range of Unicode characters:

Specify a character by name:

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Generate hash codes for strings.

Compute a hash code for a string:

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Generate a CAPTCHA using specified or random text.

Generate a CAPTCHA for specified text:

Generate a CAPTCHA using random text:


Look up information about an emoticon.

Specify an emoticon using its ASCII representation or by description:

Notable Computers

Get information about a historically notable computer.

Query for a notable computer by name:

Ask about a characteristic of a computer:

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Gather data about RAID (redundant array of independent disks) technology.

Compute RAID capacities:

Wolfram Language

Get detailed information about Wolfram Language functions and options.

Look up information about functions:

Get information about a property of a Wolfram Language function:

Find additional information about a Wolfram Language function:

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Computer Keyboards

Observe the differences between computer keyboard layouts.

Look at computer keyboard displays:

Compare computer keyboards:

Find information about keyboard use:

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Display Formats

Get information about video screen display formats and standard paper and photo sizes.

Get data on a computer display format:

Compare formats:

Compute display characteristics from pixel count:

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Base Conversions

Convert between hex, decimal, octal and binary.

Specify starting and ending bases to convert between them:

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  • Communications
  • Computational Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Software Products

    Get information about software products.

    Reference a software product by name:

    Compare software products:

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    Computer Files

    Explore valuable information about files and the data therein.

    Get information about a file format:

    Find information about file sizes:

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    String Processing

    Find n-grams in a string or encode a string with a substitution cipher.

    Find n-grams in a string:

    Encode a string with the ROT13 substitution cipher:

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    Create or analyze passwords.

    Generate a password:

    Generate a set of passwords:

    Analyze a password:

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    Calculate IP parameters using CIDR (classless interdomain routing) notation.

    Use the CIDR calculator to explore IP subnetting: