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Computational Sciences

Search for computational information ranging from P and NP over DTIME to cellular automata. Wolfram|Alpha offers data from the most simple to the advanced in computational science. Detailed information is available about complexity classes, fractals, data, hashing, Turing machine computational models and many other models and schemes of computer science.

Cellular Automata

Specify and compute information about cellular automata.

Compute properties of an elementary cellular automaton:

Specify the range and number of colors:

Specify a totalistic cellular automaton:

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Turing Machines

Specify and visualize various Turing machines based on a given rule or a set of initial conditions.

Compute properties of a Turing machine:

Specify initial conditions:

Name a famous Turing machine:

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Compute and visualize various fractals and associated sets.

Analyze a fractal:

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Substitution Systems

Analyze or specify a substitution system.

Analyze a substitution system:

Specify a neighbor-dependent system:

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Computational Complexity

Compare and contrast computational complexity classes.

Get information about a complexity class:

Compare complexity classes:

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Image Processing

Process images by detecting features, applying filters or performing various other functions.

Apply a morphological operator to an image:

Detect features of an image:

Perform color processing:

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  • Algebraic Codes

    Analyze and compute information about algebraic codes.

    Analyze an algebraic code:

    Find codes with a given level of error correction:

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    Compute hash code digests and checksums.

    Compute a hash code for a string:

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