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Space Technology

Space technology encompasses all of the manmade technology that is used in the study and exploration of space and astronomy. Investigate space exploration technology, which includes concepts such as artificial satellites, deep space probes, rockets and astronomical observatories, or get detailed information about crewed space flights.

Observatories & Telescopes

Investigate astronomical observatories and telescope details.

Get information about an observatory:

Compare observatories:

Do computations with observatory properties:

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Explore the variety of rockets that have been developed by different countries for a variety of purposes.

Get information about a rocket:

Look up a rocket property:

Find rockets with specified properties:

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Crewed Space Missions

Learn about crewed space mission callsigns and mission designations.

Get information about a manned space mission:

Compare manned space missions:

Get specific information about a manned space mission:

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Search for artificial satellites by name or acronym, or by NORAD number or international designator, also known as the COSPAR ID or NSSDC ID.

Get information about a satellite:

Find out where a specific satellite is right now:

Get a property of a satellite:

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  • Space Probes

    Discover the target or targets, along with other properties, for a particular space probe, or find the probe or probes around a given body.

    Get information about a space probe:

    Get information about probes of a specified type:

    Get a property of a space probe:

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