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Solar System

Our solar system is a collection of objects that orbit or are associated with the Sun and its environment. The most notable are the eight official planets, but there are also comets, moons and minor planets, which include dwarf planets. Other concepts applicable to the solar system are the named features on the bodies in it as well as space weather. Explore the solar system using Wolfram|Alpha, which has a diverse set of data and computations for all of these concepts.


Explore detailed facts about the Sun, which is the most well-studied star, so more is known about it than any other star. Internal structure; models; and dynamic and fixed properties, such as position, mass and luminosity, are included.

Compute the position and path of the Sun:

Get information about the interior of the Sun:

Natural Satellites

Gather data on moons around most of the planets, and some minor planets, in our solar system.

Compute the location and get properties of a moon:

Compare several moons:

Do computations with properties of planets, moons, etc.:

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Space Weather

Get real-time data on space weather phenomena that include concepts such as sunspots, solar wind and the interplanetary magnetic field, which can all interact with each other to produce radio blackouts, possible satellite damage and aurorae on Earth.

Get current space weather conditions:

Query for a specific space weather property:

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Investigate all eight of the officially recognized solar system planets, as defined by the International Astronomical Union.

Compute the location and get properties of a planet:

Compute the location of a planet on a specified date:

Do computations using properties of planets:

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Minor Planets

Explore the minor planets, which are a broadly defined group of objects often called asteroids but also include dwarf planets, such as Pluto, Ceres, Makemake, Haumea and Eris.

Compute the location and get properties of a minor planet:

Compare several minor planets:

Do computations involving properties of minor planets:

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  • Exoplanets
  • Space Probes
  • Comets

    Obtain data on comets, which are icy bodies in our solar system that usually develop long glowing tails of gas and dust as the material sublimates off of their surface when they approach the Sun.

    Compute the location and other properties of a comet:

    Compute a property of a comet:

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