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Human Genome

The human genome encompasses over three billion base pairs of DNA that are organized into 23 pairs of chromosomes. Since the completion of the human genome project, genetic variation and its association to diseases like cancer have been investigated. Wolfram|Alpha is capable of computing genomic information, including DNA sequences and characteristics of chromosomes, genes, associated SNPs and translated proteins.

DNA Sequence Lookup

Find the segments of the human genome that match a given nucleotide sequence or analyze the DNA sequence of a particular gene.

Translate a DNA base sequence and find occurrences in the human genome:

Locate a DNA sequence relative to a gene:

Human Genes

Find the location, reference sequence, encoded proteins, function and homologs of a human gene.

Analyze a human gene and locate it on a chromosome:

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Human Chromosomes

Explore chromosomal characteristics, such as the total sequence length, and view schematic idiograms illustrating the banding patterns.

Get information about a human chromosome:

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Human SNPs

Analyze allele frequencies or find SNPs associated with a particular gene.

Get information about a SNP:

Find SNPs for a given gene:

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Genomics Web App


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  • Proteins

    Find the amino acids sequence, molecular weight and structure of a human protein.

    Analyze a protein:

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