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Molecular Biology

Molecular biology deals with structural and functional interactions among biomolecules in cells. From small DNA molecules to synthesized large biomolecules like proteins, Wolfram|Alpha is capable of computing their biochemical properties.


Calculate the molecular weight or melting temperature of a specified oligonucleotide sequence.

Calculate the molecular weight of an oligonucleotide:

Compute an oligonucleotide melting temperature:


Explore genome information, including DNA sequences and characteristics of chromosomes, genes, associated SNPs and translated proteins.

Find the DNA sequence at a given position on a chromosome:

Analyze a gene:

Get information about a SNP:

Compare genes across organisms:

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Explore chemical properties of a given biomolecule, such as serotonin or ubiquinone.

Get information about a biomolecule:

Get information about a property of a biomolecule:

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Metabolic Pathways

Discover series of enzymatic chemical reactions that are illustrated for a variety of metabolic pathways, such as for glycolysis, the TCA cycle and glycogen degradation.

Visualize a metabolic pathway:

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