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Step-by-Step Geometry


See the steps to compute general properties of a triangle.

Determine the perimeter of a triangle step by step:

Compute the area of a triangle:

Compute an isosceles triangle's area or perimeter:

Compute the area of an equilateral triangle:


Explore various properties of regular polygons:

Find step-by-step solutions for determining particular properties of a regular polygon:


See the steps to compute a particular dimension of a given prism:

Explore the relationship between a prism's surface area and edge length:

Compute a prism's volume based on its side lengths:

Calculate areas of prisms based on their volume:


Show how to find the height of cones:

Calculate a cone's slant height:

Compute the lateral surface area for cones:

Explore step-by-step solutions for determining the volume of cones:

Line Equations

Determine the equation of a line:


Explore step-by-step solutions for computing perimeters of squares:

Calculate areas of squares:

Learn how to solve for different properties of squares:

See the steps to evaluate a rectangle's perimeter:

Compute the area of a rectangle:

Calculate side lengths of rectangles:

Compute the perimeter of a parallelogram:

Evaluate the area of a parallelogram:

Determine the symbolic area of a rhombus step by step:

Compute a rhombus's perimeter:

Figure out the area of a trapezoid:

Calculate the perimeter of irregular quadrilaterals:


Explore general properties of circles step by step:

Find the area of a circle:

See the steps to evaluate the circumference from different starting information:

Compute the curvature:


Determine the radius of a cylinder:

Solve for a cylinder's surface area:

See the step-by-step solutions for lateral surface area computations for cylinders:

Compute the steps to find the volume of a cylinder:


Find the volume of a sphere step by step:

Follow the steps to calculate a sphere's surface area:

Find the diameter and radius from a sphere's volume:

Coordinate Conversions

Convert between coordinate systems step by step:


  • Coordinate Geometry
  • Geometry
  • Plane Geometry
  • Solid Geometry
  • Inscribed & Circumscribed Shapes

    Compute the areas of regular polygons inscribed in a circle:

    Explore the relation between circumradius and perimeter:

    Calculate the radius of a circle inscribed in a given triangle:

    Determine the radius of a circle circumscribing a particular triangle:


    See the steps for computing the height of pyramids:

    Find a pyramid's slant height:

    Learn how to determine the surface area and lateral surface area for pyramids:

    Calculate a pyramid's volume step by step:

    Line & Point Properties

    Calculate the distance between two points step by step:

    Find the distance between points in 3D space:

    Find the midpoint of a line segment:

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