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Coordinate Geometry

Coordinate geometry, or analytic geometry, is the study of geometry using an algebraic representation of a specified coordinate system to find and analyze relations between geometric figures. Wolfram|Alpha has knowledge about many geometric figures and is capable of determining the algebraic equations for them and computing geometric properties.


Compute the equation and draw the graph of a line.

Specify a line through two points:

Specify a line by slope and intercept:


Identify the quadrant in which a given 2D point lies.

Identify the quadrant that contains a given point:


Compute the equation and draw the graph of a plane in 3D.

Specify a plane through three points:

Conic Sections

Identify and compute the properties of circles, ellipses, parabolas and hyperbolas.

Plot a conic section and identify its type:

Find a circle passing through three points:

Compute properties of a parabola:

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Step-by-Step Solutions for Geometry


  • Applications of Calculus
  • Intercepts

    Find the points of intersection for a geometric object with its coordinate axes.

    Locate intercepts of a line or curve in the plane:

    Locate intercepts of a plane or surface:

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