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Step-by-Step Applications of Calculus

Unlock the practical applications of calculus through Wolfram|Alpha's step-by-step instructions, where you'll delve into essential concepts such as finding tangent lines, identifying inflection points, optimizing functions, calculating average values, determining arc lengths and measuring areas between curves. Whether you're a student aiming to grasp real-world calculus applications or a professional seeking to utilize calculus in your field, Wolfram|Alpha equips you with the skills needed to tackle these diverse and valuable calculus applications.

Tangent Lines & Planes

Find a line tangent to a curve using the derivative at a point:

Calculate a multivariate tangent plane by examining partial derivatives:


Explore step by step a variety of tests to discover the extrema:

Compute the local maxima or minima of a function:

Show the steps for finding the global minima or maxima of a function:

Discover how to calculate the extrema of a function on a given interval:

Arc Length

Calculate the arc length of a curve step by step:

Specify a curve in polar coordinates:

Specify a curve parametrically:

Inflection Points

Calculate inflection points step by step:

Average Value

Find the average value of an equation on an interval:

Look through the steps to find the average value of a derivative on an interval:

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