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Step-by-Step Calculus

Wolfram|Alpha is your calculus companion, offering the ability to answer your calculus questions with detailed step-by-step solutions. Whether you're grappling with limits, derivatives, integrals or other challenging mathematical problems, Wolfram|Alpha guides you through the process, ensuring a deep understanding of the solutions. With our user-friendly interface and expertise in calculus, you'll have a valuable resource at your fingertips, making calculus more accessible and learning more interactive.


Learn how to take a limit:

Calculate a limit approaching infinity:

Perform a one-sided limit step by step:

Use L'Hôpital's rule to compute a limit:

See the steps to use the squeeze theorem on a limit:


Calculate an indefinite integral by substitution, integration by parts and other methods:

Use u-substitution to compute an integral step by step:

Compute an integral by parts:

Integrate using trigonometric substitution:

See the steps for definite integration over an interval:

See the steps for multivariate integration over a given domain:

Vector Analysis

See the steps to compute the gradient:

Learn how to compute the divergence:

Calculate the curl:


Explore the steps for derivative calculations using the power rule:

Find the derivative using the product rule:

Compute derivatives using the quotient rule:

See step by step how to apply the chain rule:

Perform logarithmic differentiation to compute a derivative:

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Get step-by-step solutions for finding discontinuities:

Determine the continuity of a function at a point:

Applications of Calculus

Find a line tangent to a curve using the derivative at a point:

Calculate inflection points step by step:

Explore step by step a variety of tests to discover the extrema:

Find the average value of an equation on an interval:

Learn how to compute the area between curves:

Calculate the arc length of a curve step by step:

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