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With a trove of statistics for hundreds of thousands of educational institutions around the world, Wolfram|Alpha can compute answers to intricate questions about education. Find out what academic degrees students are earning from prestigious universities, compute the average salary for teachers in your local school district, find out more about your SAT and ACT scores, compare student-teacher ratios among countries and much more.

International Education

Look up and compare education statistics and rankings by country and educational level.

Get education statistics for a country:

Compare education statistics between countries:

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School Districts

Look up and compare US school districts or discover demographic trends within a given school district.

Get information about a US public school district:

Request a specific property of a school district:

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US Libraries

Search for information about US libraries by size, location and year.

Get information about a US library:

Look up a US library property:

Find US libraries with specified characteristics:

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Explore detailed facts and statistics about notable institutions of higher education around the world.

Get information about a college or university:

Compare universities:

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US Public Schools

Delve into the finances and demographics of public schools in the United States.

Get information about a US public school:

Get demographic data for a US public school:

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Standardized Tests

Explore SAT distributions or compare historical ACT and SAT scores across states.

Analyze an SAT score:

Get ACT scores for a specified state:

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  • US Private Schools

    Find and compare notable private schools in the United States by educational attainment, enrollment and more.

    Get information about a US private school:

    Get demographic data for US private schools:

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    Education Statistics

    Find and analyze data about educational enrollment and achievement around the world.

    Look up and compare education statistics for countries:

    Explore detailed data about education in US states, cities and other regions:

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