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From exploring historical home prices in your city to comparing the Case–Shiller index for different US regions, Wolfram|Alpha can help you analyze trends in housing construction, home values and more. Explore fair market rent prices by US county or find metro areas with the highest construction activity.

House Prices

Explore historical home prices and price index trends in US cities.

Get house price data for a given city:

Get home value data:

Compare house prices in several cities or states:

Specify a date:

Investigate housing price trends:

Find the Case–Shiller index for an area:

Compare the Case–Shiller index across cities:

Fair Market Rent

Examine fair market rent price trends by US city or county.

Get rent prices in a specified city:

Compare prices in multiple cities:

Get average prices for a region:

Number of Homes

Analyze and compare housing stock in major US cities.

Get data on the number of homes in a given city:

Compare the number of homes in several cities:

Permits, Starts & Sales

Compute answers to questions about home construction activity in the US.

Get information for a metropolitan area:

Compare data for multiple areas:

Find information about the US:

Do computations with housing starts and permits: