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The field of psychrometrics studies the physical and thermodynamic properties of moist air. Use Wolfram|Alpha to calculate the properties of air, examine the processes of adjusting the temperature or humidity of moist air and explore the final state of two mixing air streams.

Moist Air

Compute the properties of moist air, such as dew point, sound speed and humidity ratio.

Compute properties of moist air:

Calculate a humidity ratio:

Calculate absolute humidity:

Calculate specific humidity:

Determine the moisture content of moist air:

Compute the travel time for sound in moist air:

Heating & Cooling

Examine the process of cooling or heating moist air from initial to final state.

Analyze the heating or cooling of moist air:

Sound Attenuation

Calculate the absorption coefficients for moist air based on humidity, temperature and distance.

Compute the sound absorption coefficients for moist air:


Examine the process of humidifying air, including the properties of the initial and final states.

Analyze the humidification of moist air:


  • Degree Days
  • Heat Index
  • Mixing Air Streams

    Compute the final state of two mixing air streams.

    Analyze the mixing of moist air streams: