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Electromagnetic Measurements

The field of electricity and magnetism uses many different physical quantities, from voltage and current to the Hartmann number and magnetic memristance. Use Wolfram|Alpha to explore these physical quantities. Calculate dimensionless combinations of electromagnetic physical quantities and compute dimensionless electrodynamic quantities. Investigate specific measuring devices.

Electromagnetic Measurements

Examine how different electromagnetic physical quantities are measured.

Discover how to measure different physical properties:

Get information on specific devices:

Dimensional Analysis

Determine what combinations of physical quantities can be used to construct a dimensionless expression.

Compute dimensionless combinations:

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Electrodynamic Dimensionless Quantities

Explore and compute dimensionless electrodynamic quantities.

Get information about a dimensionless electrodynamic quantity:

Compute a dimensionless electrodynamic quantity:

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Physical Quantities

Query for common notations, basic dimensions, standard units and alternate terminology for thousands of physical quantities.

Get information about a physical quantity:

Compare physical quantities:

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