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Electric Machines & Power Systems

Electric machines, such as motors or generators, transfer energy between electromagnetic potential energy and kinetic energy. Electric machines generate and consume a large of amount of the power used on Earth. Wolfram|Alpha explores elements of electric machines, such as computing characteristics of motors and transformers, examining power transmission systems and more.


Explore characteristics of different kinds of electric motors, which convert electric energy to physical work.

Compute characteristics of a motor:

Calculate motor braking torque:

Power Transmission Systems

Find out how electricity is transmitted from the generation site to where it is used.

Compute capacitance of a single core cable:

Calculate the self-inductance of a coaxial cable:


Explore the behavior of transformers, which use magnetic induction to step up or step down voltage in electrical circuits, at different levels of load.

Compute characteristics of a transformer:

Explore characteristics of an ideal transformer: