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Water Features

In Wolfram|Alpha, water features means bays, harbors, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, undersea features and more. Here you can find information on the Pacific Ocean, the Great Barrier Reef, the Great Lakes, the Mississippi River, Halifax Harbour, Puget Sound and more.


Find the extents, area, coastline length, average depth, maximum depth, lowest point and other properties of oceans.

Get information about an ocean:

Do computations with ocean properties:

Get current tide information:

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Learn the location, surface area, type, maximum depth, elevation, geographic information, dimensions and extreme points of lakes.

Get information about a lake:

Compare several lakes:

Do computations with lake properties:

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Examine harbors to know their location, profiles, elevation map, local information and nearby cities or marine features.

Get information about a harbor:

Compare harbors:

Find harbors meeting given criteria:

Undersea Features

Investigate undersea water features to determine their location, center depth, profiles and other details.

Get information about an undersea feature:

Compare several undersea features:

Compute the distance between features:

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Navigate your way to more information about rivers, such as country, length, drainage area, average discharge or outflow.

Get information about a river:

Compare several rivers:

Do computations with river properties:

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Marine Sounds

Discover the location, sea, nearby marine features, local depth and other details of marine sounds.

Get information about a marine sound:

Compare marine sounds:

Look up a property for marine sounds:


  • Cartography
  • Continents
  • Bays

    Look up the location, local depth, profiles, cities or marine features of bays.

    Get information about a bay:

    Request a property of a bay:

    Find bays meeting given criteria:


    Acquire knowledge about the elevation, drop count, watercourse, dimensions and location of waterfalls.

    Get information about a waterfall:

    Compare several waterfalls:

    Do computations with waterfall properties:

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