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Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace engineering is the discipline that deals with the design, construction, analysis and maintenance of aircraft and spacecraft. Aerospace engineers calculate and compute the effects of speed, pressure and gravity on vehicles that are used in the Earth's atmosphere and beyond. Wolfram|Alpha allows you to explore various properties of aircraft, spacecraft and rockets, satellites and space probes, and more.


Get information about aircraft and their properties.

Get information about a type of aircraft:

Compare groups of aircraft:

Look up an aircraft property:

Do computations with aircraft properties:

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Search for information, including orbital properties, about artificial satellites. Search for satellites by name.

Get information about a satellite:

Find out where a specific satellite is right now:

Do computations with satellite properties:

Get data on satellites visible from a specified location:

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Explore rockets, made by countries around the world, and their properties.

Get information about a rocket:

Look up a rocket property:

Find rockets with specified properties:

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Space Probes

Look up information about space probes and the fuel that powers them.

Get information about a space probe:

Get information about probes of a specified type:

Get a property of a space probe:

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  • Astrophysics
  • Space Transport
  • Space Weather
  • Aeronautics

    Study how objects travel through the air. Compute airflow around an airfoil, calculate the true speed of an airplane and more.

    Compute airflow around a standard airfoil:

    Compute indicated airspeed from true airspeed:

    Calculate straight-line distance to an airplane:

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