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Common Core Math: Grade 8: Expressions & Equations

In eighth grade, students use exponent laws to efficiently simplify expressions with exponents. Fluency with the properties of exponents allows students to express and perform operations with numbers in scientific notation. Students also learn to solve an equation for an unknown quantity, including when the equation involves exponents or radicals, and learn to solve a system of two equations for two unknowns.

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Represent and solve problems with equations.

Solve an equation (CCSS.Content.Math.8.EE.C.7):

Solve an equation involving exponents (CCSS.Content.Math.8.EE.A.2):

Find the equation of a line between two points (CCSS.Content.Math.8.EE.B.6):

Solve a system of equations (CCSS.Content.Math.8.EE.C.8):


Work with equivalent expressions.

Use exponent laws to simplify expressions (CCSS.Math.Content.8.EE.A.1):

Scientific Notation

Use scientific notation to represent large and small numbers.

Convert between standard and scientific notation (CCSS.Content.Math.8.EE.A.3):

Compare numbers expressed in scientific notation (CCSS.Content.Math.8.EE.A.3):

Perform computations with scientific notation (CCSS.Content.Math.8.EE.A.4):