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Physical Exercise

Physical exercise contributes to maintaining cardiovascular as well as overall health and strengthening one's body. Wolfram|Alpha can calculate your target heart rate and energy expenditure, leading to a more effective workout.


Explore and compare the energy expenditure for various types of physical activities, including cycling, jogging and swimming as well as watching TV and sleeping.

Get data on a physical activity:

Compare activities:

Find out how wet you would get while in the rain:

Heart Rate

Compute a target heart rate based on a person's age, gender and resting heart rate.

Compute maximum and target heart rates:

Yoga Poses & Sequences

Find yoga poses and sequences that meet your goals, such as strengthening your core or gaining overall flexibility.

Get information about a yoga pose:

Get information about a class of yoga poses:

Look up a yoga pose property:

Get information about a yoga sequence:

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Exercise Computations

Calculate the caloric expenditure for a particular exercise based on the duration and pace of the exercise as well as a specified gender, body weight and height.

Compute caloric expenditure:

Specify a speed or pace:

Specify body weight:

Specify other physical characteristics:

Specify a grade:


Explore a diving profile, including pressure groups, time restrictions and stop requirements based on the duration, depth, surface interval and initial pressure group of your dive.

Make recreational dive calculations interactively:

Calculate the pressure group after a dive:

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Weight Training Exercises

Develop your weight training workout routine.

Get information about a weight training exercise:

Find information about a class of weight training exercises:

Look up a property of a weight training exercise:

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  • Pilates Exercises

    Find instructions for, benefits of and muscles involved in a particular Pilates exercise or find the workout that meets your goals.

    Find information about a Pilates exercise:

    Get information about a class of Pilates exercises:

    Look up a property of a Pilates exercise:

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    Weight Loss

    Use the weight loss formula to find the optimal way to reach your target body weight.

    Analyze a weight loss regimen:

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