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Child Growth & Development

Wolfram|Alpha’s data and statistics on human growth and development provide valuable context for parents who want to understand how their child is developing. Track your baby’s growth from conception all the way through adulthood using Wolfram|Alpha.


See details about fetal development.

Specify gestational age:

Indicate a due date:

Growth Charts

View child growth statistics and projections for adulthood.

Display charts for a given age:

Specify age and sex:

Include height and/or weight:

Query by percentile:

Embryonic Stages

Retrieve anatomical information about each Carnegie developmental stage of human embryos during pregnancy.

Find information about an embryonic stage:

Body Measurements

Learn facts about bodies of different sizes.

Specify an age category:

Estimate body surface area:


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  • Teeth

    Discover details about teeth.

    Get information about types of teeth:

    Get specific information about a tooth:

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