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Wolfram|Alpha has an abundance of sports statistics, including data on equipment, stadiums, the Olympics and professional sports leagues. Check out current or past season stats for your favorite MLB, NBA, NFL, NCAA men's basketball or NCAA football team; follow medal counts during the next Olympic Games; find information about a sports arena; discover facts about a specific sports object; and more.

National Football League

Dive into current and past season statistics for NFL teams, players and games.

Get information about an NFL team:

Get historical player statistics:

Find NFL games meeting specified criteria:

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National Basketball Association

Search for up-to-date information about your favorite NBA team or player, check out the box score from last night's game and more.

Get information about an NBA team:

Get historical NBA player statistics:

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Olympic Games

Find the Summer or Winter Olympic medals won by a specified country or athlete or awarded for a specified sport.

Get information about Olympic medals:

Find medals won by an athlete:

Find medals by sport:

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Major League Baseball

Go deep into the latest or historical stats for MLB teams, players and games.

Get information about an MLB team:

Compare player statistics:

Find MLB games meeting specified criteria:

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NCAA Men's Basketball

Score some statistics for men's college basketball players and teams.

Get information about an NCAA men's basketball team:

Rank NCAA men's basketball teams by specified criteria:

Get historical college basketball player statistics:

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Find specific facts about a stadium.

Get information about a stadium:

Get specific facts about a stadium:

Do calculations with stadium data:

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  • NCAA Football

    Rush to find information about college football teams, players and games.

    Get information about an NCAA football team:

    Rank college football players by specified criteria:

    Get information about a particular game:

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    Sport Object Characteristics

    Explore information on sports equipment and locations.

    Get characteristics of a sport object:

    Compare sport location characteristics:

    Request a property of a sport object:

    Compare properties of sports objects:

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