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Physical Geography

With a sea of information about hundreds of thousands of natural geographical features, Wolfram|Alpha can compute answers to complex questions about locations, landforms, bodies of water, continents and more. Traverse the world map or find the elevation of the largest city in Canada. Compare the surface areas of the Great Lakes, search for mountains near you or find the population density of Australia.


Explore a map or look up topographic details about any location.

Generate maps of a specified country:

Compute the great-circle distance between points on the globe:

Find the elevation of a city:

Look up your IP address and estimate your location:

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Land Features

Research and compare extensive statistics about landforms.

Get information about a mountain:

Compare volcanoes:

Get information about a group of islands:

Find glaciers meeting given criteria:

Get information about a desert:

Get information about an impact crater on Earth:

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Geodesy & Navigation

Look up the coordinates of any location or compute the great-circle distance between two points.

Locate a point on Earth using latitude-longitude coordinates:

Compute the great-circle distance between points on the globe:

Find the coordinates of a city:

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Water Features

Search for comprehensive data about bodies of water.

Get information about an ocean:

Get information about an undersea feature:

Get information about a lake:

Do computations with river properties:

Compare several waterfalls:

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  • Continents

    Look up a continent or compare continents by population or extreme points.

    Get information about a continent:

    Compare a property of continents:

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