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Health & Medicine

A healthy lifestyle, knowledge about one's body and access to health care and medicine are essential aspects of human life. From physical exercise to human anatomy to medical tests and diseases, Wolfram|Alpha provides access to computable health and medicine formulas, statistics and knowledge.

Physical Exercise

Explore energy expenditure in various types of physical exercises, calculate the target heart rate for your workout or get information about yoga and Pilates exercises.

Get data on a physical activity:

Compute calories burned in exercise:

Compute maximum and target heart rates:

Get information about a class of Pilates exercises:

Get information about a yoga sequence:

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Blood Alcohol Content

Estimate your blood alcohol content (BAC) based on the number of drinks, the elapsed time, your gender and your body weight.

Compute blood alcohol content:

Mortality Data

Find statistics on global life expectancies and causes of death.

Compare life expectancies in several countries:

Compute life expectancy and survival probabilities:

Get data on deaths from a specific cause:

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Interpret the results of a visual acuity test and typical eyeglass prescriptions or explore optical properties of corrective lenses.

Get information about visual acuity:

Get information about an eyeglass prescription:

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Health-Care Statistics

Explore statistics on health-care expenditure and health indicators, such as available health-care workers, sanitation, immunization and antenatal care.

Get an overview of health-care costs in a country:

Get details of health-care costs:

Compare health indicators of countries:

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Human Anatomy

Find hierarchical relationships, location and connectivity information for individual organs, bones, muscles or blood vessels; get properties of teeth; or explore body measurement statistics, including height, weight and body mass index (BMI).

Get information about a human anatomical structure:

Find information about a property of a human anatomical structure:

Find information about properties of brain anatomy:

Get information about a specified tooth:

Compute body mass index:

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Find information on patient statistics and drug treatment correlated with a particular medical condition.

Compute estimated risk of heart disease:

Get information about a specified disease:

Incidence in subpopulations:

Drug treatments for a given diagnosis:

Find properties of symptoms:

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Medical Tests

Explore a reference distribution for medical tests that measure blood components, such as serum sodium, potassium, glucose and creatinine.

Get information about a medical test:

Get information about a test result:

Get gender- and age-specific information about a test result:

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Drugs & Prescriptions

Find information about the chemical composition, drug interactions, pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of typical drugs.

Specify a drug by brand name:

Specify a drug by generic name:

Get drug interaction information:

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Public Health

Explore public health statistics, including the size of the HIV/AIDS population and mortality rates for different countries.

Get HIV/AIDS statistics:


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  • Medical Codes

    Find information on International Classification of Diseases (ICD) codes, which were adopted to classify diagnoses in health-care settings.

    Find the diagnosis corresponding to an ICD-9 code:

    Get information about a disease specified by an ICD-9 code:

    Find the diagnosis corresponding to an ICD-10 code:

    Look up an ICD-10 property:

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    Medical Computations

    Explore formulas to assess blood chemistry, hormone levels as well as kidney and respiratory function or use the pregnancy calculator to estimate your due date and fetal development.

    Estimate conception and due dates:

    Compute mean plasma glucose from HbA1c level:

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    Nuclear Medicine

    Explore biological decay properties of radionuclides typically used in nuclear medicine.

    Compute biological properties of radionuclides:


    Locate a hospital in the US and get associated information, such as the number of health-care providers, beds, visits and surgeries.

    Get information about a hospital:

    Compare hospitals:

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