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Step-by-Step Physics

Wolfram|Alpha helps you explore step-by-step answers to a wide range of physics problems to help with homework or general education. Use flexible formulas to solve different variables for the same equation with topics covering the full range of physics, including electromagnetism, relativity and Newtonian mechanics. Make use of automatic unit conversions by selecting your preferred unit.


Get help solving problems involving the motion of objects under external forces.

Compute average velocity, displacement or time step by step using a single formula:

Derive the solution for projectile motion:

Calculate the density of an object step by step:

Electricity & Magnetism

Follow the steps for solving equations involving the electromagnetic force.

Derive the force and potential between two electric charges:

Compute the steps for the total resistance of resistors in parallel:

Explore the computation for capacitance between two concentric spheres:

Calculate the magnetic field inside an ideal solenoid:

Show the steps for the voltage gain and output voltage of an inverting amplifier:


Find the steps for relativistic calculations like time dilation, red shifts and kinetic energy.

Find the steps for relativistic effects like length contraction:

Solve for relativistic red shifts:

Compute the steps for relativistic momentum:

Fluid Mechanics

Solve calculations for the mechanics of fluids step by step.

Calculate flow through a pipe using Poiseuille's law:

Solve for a Reynolds number step by step:

Compute the height reached by capillary action:

Oscillations & Waves

Explore the steps for solving common calculations involving waves and oscillating systems.

Find the step-by-step solution for the change in the frequency of sound from a moving source:

Explore the steps to solve for the frequency of a spring under damped harmonic motion:

Calculate the speed of a wave along a string:


Follow the steps for solving equations for thermodynamic systems and principles.

Compute the change in internal energy:

Show how to derive the heat capacity ratio:

Find the efficiency of thermodynamic cycles step by step:


Get step-by-step assistance with astronomy problems.

Convert parallax to distance in parsecs or light years:

Compute the steps to determine the period for a body to orbit the sun:

Derive luminosity from apparent magnitude and distance:

Learn the steps to calculate the entropy of a massive black hole:

Conservation of Energy

Apply the law of conservation of energy to derive physical properties of a system.

Find the maximum height reached by a projectile launched from the ground:

Determine the maximum velocity reached by a pendulum:


  • Electricity & Magnetism
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Mechanics
  • Optics
  • Oscillations & Waves
  • Physics
  • Quantum Physics
  • Relativity
  • Thermodynamics
  • Optics

    Compute the steps for solving optics equations, including refraction, reflection and diffraction.

    Find the steps to solve for the angle of refraction:

    Solve for image distance and magnification in different mirrors:

    Explore lens equations step by step:

    Quantum Mechanics

    Compute the steps for solving calculations involving quantum mechanics.

    Solve for the energy of a photon given its wavelength:

    Find the steps to solve for the Compton wavelength shift:

    Compute the broadening of emitted wavelengths due to quantum uncertainty:

    Apply the de Broglie relationship to find the wavelength of particles moving at high speed:

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