Examples for

Step-by-Step Algebra

Algebraic Substitutions

Evaluate an expression one step at a time:

Find the value of a function at a given point:


Multiply expressions with exponents:

Perform division with exponents one step at a time:

Get the steps for simplifying powers of exponents:

Rational Expressions

See how to add or subtract rational expressions:

Perform multiplication of rational expressions step by step:

Show how to simplify rational functions with common factors:

Simplify rational expressions with the steps provided:

Learn to rewrite a rational expression using partial fraction decomposition:

Solving Equations & Inequalities

Solve equations one step at a time:

Investigate equations with rational expressions:

Solve equations with absolute value over the reals:

Get step-by-step solutions for solving radical equations:

Learn how to solve exponential equations:

See the steps for solving linear inequalities:


Find x‐intercepts:

See the steps for finding the y‐intercept:

Linear Expressions

Find the equations of lines defined by slopes and points:

See the steps for solving linear equations using addition and subtraction:

Learn how to solve linear equations using multiplication and division:

Show the steps to solve linear equations with multiple operations:

Solve linear systems with multiple methods:

Exponential Expressions

See how to solve exponential equations with complete steps:

Compute financial present and future values with steps:


  • Algebra
  • Equation Solving
  • Polynomials
  • Rational Functions
  • Simplification
  • Polynomial Expressions

    See how to combine like terms:

    Show how to add polynomial expressions step by step:

    Subtract polynomial expressions:

    Show your work for multiplying polynomials:

    Perform polynomial long division step by step:

    Expand polynomials using the distributive law, the binomial theorem and other procedures:

    Factor out the greatest common divisor:

    Use the difference of squares method to factor binomials:

    Choose from multiple methods to complete the square:

    Factor expressions as a sum or difference of cubes:

    Factor polynomials step by step:

    Find zeros of a quadratic expression by factoring, completing the square or applying the quadratic formula:

    Find candidate roots using the rational root theorem:

    Compute the degree of a polynomial with steps:

    Logarithmic Expressions

    See how to simplify log expressions with steps:

    See how to combine multiple logarithmic expressions into a single logarithm with steps:

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