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Games of Chance

Games of chance are games where the outcome or winner is heavily determined by the outcome of a random event. Use Wolfram|Alpha's computational understanding of these real-world applications of probability to test your luck and compute the chances of hitting the jackpot, getting dealt a winning hand or striking it rich in a wide variety of games ranging from poker to roulette and more.


Compute the outcomes and probabilities of multi-sided dice rolls and of games involving dice.

Compute dice probabilities:

Compute probabilities for non-cubical dice:

Compute the probability of a specific outcome:

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Compute the chances of winning and see the payouts for various roulette bets.

Get data on various roulette bets:

Specify a particular bet:

Specify a wager amount:

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Card Games

Compute the probability of drawing a specified set of cards or analyze the odds of being dealt various hands in poker.

Compute card probabilities:

Compute odds for a poker hand:

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Compute the winning payoffs and probabilities of wagers at specified odds, amounts and house advantages. 

Analyze a bet at specified odds:

Specify the amount of the wager:

Specify a house advantage:

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  • Lotteries

    Compute the odds of winning and determine the payouts for different lottery games in various countries and states.

    Get lottery odds:

    Get odds for a specified lottery game:

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